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Introduction to Handguns, Phase II, and Skill Builder Class – Three classes designed by Professional Instructors and structured to make the learning process enjoyable.

Introduction to Handguns and Women’s Introduction to Handguns

This is a basic course directed to people with little or no firearms experience to provide them with a fun and safe way to be introduced to handguns and shooting. Led by winning female action pistol competitor TD Roe, attendees enjoy a comfortable, low pressure, fun environment. The Introduction to Handguns and Women’s class are identical in content.

The class begins with a classroom session of approximately one and a half hours.  First, we discuss safety and the legal aspects of handguns, and then the mechanical aspects of how ammunition and guns work are shown.

Next, we cover the fundamentals of good handgun shooting, grip, stance, sight picture, and trigger control in the “dry-handling” portion of the class.  Range time runs about one and a half hours with the students firing .22 rimfire handguns to build skill and competence in an easy-to-master way.  Centerfire 9mm and .38 Special handguns are made available for those wishing to try bigger guns at the end of the range portion.  Students fire about 80-100 rounds of rimfire followed by a handful of centerfire.  We wrap up with a closing session in the classroom to review the lessons and answer questions.

Guns, ammunition, and supplies will be provided by us and includes both rimfire and centerfire ammo.  From this you will be able to form some basic conclusions about not only handguns and shooting, but your own interest(s) in related recreational and personal protection areas.

If you have your own gun, feel free to bring it.  Please keep it unloaded and cased and let the instructors know that you have brought it.  We will start you on the trainer guns and then work with you with your own gun as you progress.  Please be sure that you transport your gun legally (with a FOID card, cased and unloaded) and that you have ammunition specific to it with you.

The cost is $125.00 and includes the range time, ammo and rental guns, and eye and ear protection.  You may bring your own eye and ear protection if you prefer.  A Firearms Owners ID card (FOID) is not required to take the class, unless you are bringing your own gun.

The class is three hours, from 6:00 to 9:00 PM. Please arrive by 5:45 PM for check-in.

Intro to Handguns – Phase II

Our second level for those who’ve been through our Intro class or another quality introductory class.

One of the questions we get asked right away after the Intro classes is: “What next?”, followed by, “What gun should I get?”  Handgun: Phase II provides an answer to both:

  • Get back to the fundamentals
  • Then move on to TD’s famous Gun Buffet
  • How to shop for and find the “right” gun for you
  • Have a look at maintaining your handgun

We begin with a refresher session on the fundamentals of handgun shooting, take up the training .22s again, and shoot them for two magazines on the range.
Then we head back to the classroom to partake of the Gun Buffet.  TD’s famous Gun Buffet includes a large number of rental 9mm handguns to try out on the range and learn about the various design styles and action types.

You handle them first “dry” in the classroom (take notes!) and then we head back to the range to try them out – all 25-plus of them, 9mms and .38s.

After that, TD will take you to the store to show you how to shop for handguns at the gunshop counters and then we wrap up with a brief session on maintenance and cleaning.

The class fee ($125.00) includes all range fees, gun rentals, and .22 ammunition. You’ll need to buy a box of 9mm for the Gun Buffet portion of the class on your way in; the .22 is included.

You may also bring your own gun if you wish and we will work with you on it.

The class starts at 6:00 PM and runs until 9:00 PM. Please arrive by 5:45 PM for check-in. You may provide your own eye and ear protection if you prefer.

A Firearms Owners ID card is not required, unless you are bringing your own firearm.

Skill Builder Class

For handgun shooters looking to expand and tighten up their gunhandling and shooting skills, Skill Builder is a third-level class emphasizing techniques to improve efficiency, accuracy, and speed.

The attendee should have either been through our Intro to Handguns class, or have accumulated enough experience with their gun to be completely familiar with operating it safely, at least 150-200 rounds or so. The idea is go well beyond the basics to create a foundation of good habits for more advanced shooting such as self-defense or IDPA competition.

In the classroom: A review of shooting fundamentals and gun handling, then drills including failures, one hand shooting both strong-hand and weak-hand, reloads, all with greater efficiency and speed.

On the Range: Live fire drills – about 150 rounds.

Take-down and maintenance will also be discussed.

This class runs two and one half hours, 6:00 – 8:30 PM and the class fee is $100.00

The Instructors:

TD Roe and Bill Zeller are the instructors for these classes.  They own Excel Training.  Both are competitors in USPSA and IDPA.

TD Roe

TD is a NRA Certified Pistol Instructor.

She is sponsored by:

  • Canyon Creek Custom Guns
  • X-Ring Target Stands
  • SNS Castings
Bill Zeller

Bill is a NRA Certified Pistol Instructor.

Bill’s other certifications are:

  • Certified Range Officer
  • USPSA Program Director
  • USPSA Match Director
  • IDPA Match Director

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