Shotgun Information

Need to get more out of your shotgun?  Try TRAP, SKEET, or SPORTING CLAYS!

These shotgun shooting sports are very popular everywhere.  Most gun clubs have one or more of these sports available. Ever hear the term "Golf Widow"?  Well, there are "Trap Widows", "Skeet Widows", and "Sporting Clay Widows" out there.  There are also many couples who shoot these sports together, so if you are looking for something else to share with your spouse, consider trying one of these events!  We do get a lot of questions about these sports and there is always some confusion as to the differences between them.  Most newcomers to the shotgun sports say they want to shoot skeet, without knowing anything abot the sports beause the term "skeet" is so commonly used to describe shooting clay birds.  So, here are three articles that will explain the differences.

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