Delivery can be arranged on all safes



Safe Delivery Service
Garage Drop $125.00
    Any Safe placed in the garage - Boxed on the pallet
Basic Delivery $175.00
    4 Steps or less - Call on walk out basements
Stair Delivery + $0.10 Per Pound
    4 to 14 Steps / Safe's weights x $0.10 added to above
Safes Over 800 Pounds + $25.00
    Basic Delivery + $25.00 (+ Stair Delivery) = Total
Safes Over 1100 Pounds + $100.00
    Basic Delivery + $100.00 (+ Stair Delivery) = Total
Delivery over 25 miles add $2.50 per mile
    This is one way from the store.
Bolt Down + $50.00
    Concrete floors only - Primary in the garage
Safes with Stair Deliveries should have an alternate location in the chance the safe will not fit up or down the stairs.

Delivery Overview

Delivery of a safe can be a complicated and difficult process. We offer a trained professional delivery crew as well as expensive safe moving equipment. Even with the proper training and equipment, SAFES just don't fit anywhere. We need the proper amount of space to allow our equipment work. The following information will be helpful to determine the possibilities of your safe delivery.

Installation ParametersOur well trained installation crew can place your safe flawlessly if the following parameters are met.

Doorways must be 1" wider than the safe w/handle.

Hallways/Stairways must be 5" wider than the safe.

Upstairs placements need to have a landing at the bottom of the stairs that is the safe's width + 10" from wall to first step. The landing after the top step needs to be the safe's width + 24" from the top stair to wall.

Downstairs placements need to have a landing before the top step that is the safe's width + 24" from the top step to the wall. The bottom landing needs to be the safe's width + 10" from the last step to the wall.

Stairway landings should be the safe's width + 24" from last step to the wall.

Angled Steps on Stairways & Landings will greatly affect the size of safe we are able to place up or down your stairs.

We will not warranty the following:

  • Stairways & landings with angled steps.
  • Stairways, landings, & doors that don't meet the above parameters.
  • White or light colored carpets on stairs and landings.
  • Uncovered wood steps.
  • If ceramic tile cracks under delivery plates.
  • Damage caused when bolting safe to the floor.
  • May apply to Stairways on Stair Deliveries of safes over 1100 pounds.
  • We do not warranty the structural integrity of your floors.

Over Sized Safes - If all the parameters are not met, the installation and placement may still be possible. We are quite willing to attempt the delivery if we (Home Owner and Delivery Crew) feel it can be done safely. However we cannot be responsible for damage and/or additional charges may apply.

Alternate Location - Please have an alternate location for any safe that does not meet delivery parameters. If an alternate location is not an option and the safe is refused, a service fee will be charged for basic Delivery amount.

Missed Delivery Appointment without prior notice, a service fee will be charged for the Basic Delivery amount.

Over 14 Steps Delivery - Deliveries that have more than 14 steps will be charged $5.00 per step.

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