Rifle Shooting - Centerfire

Centerfire rifle shooting has many disciplines, from simple sporting target events to service rifle to Olympic events.

There are many sports that use simple equipment - just a standard hunting rifle.  Then, there are those that require speciality rifles that are custom built for a particular use.  The NRA has some good information on their web site.  Here is a link to a web site that has a lot of good information on many types of centerfire shooting sports - AccurateShooter.com

Some events are long range, others can be fired at distances as close as 100 yards.  Here are a few of the popular events:

BENCHREST - This usually requires a custom rifle, but one can always start with a Remington 700 varmint or any other heavy barreled tactical rifle.  Savage makes some benchrest guns that are not to expensive.  Check them out at the Savage web site. Here is a link to a web site that has a lot of good information on benchrest - 6mmBR.com

PRONE - Again,the custom rifle is used at the higher level of competition, but anything can be used at club level.

F-CLASS - This is an event that is fired at 1000 yards.  The rifles can be custom or stock - Savage has some very good F-Class guns which have been used by the US Team to win many matched, including International matches.  Here is a link to the Official US F Class Team.  The US team shot in an International match at the famos Bisley Range in England and took home many medals.  Many of the team members used stock Savage F-TR (F Class Target Rifle) rifles.  The F Class rifles are very heavy, weighing in at 15-17 pounds.  They usually have barrels of 30 to32 inches - barrels alone weight 6-7 pounds.

CMP - This event uses the M-1 Garand and is held at CMP (Civilian Marksmanship Program) affiliated clubs.

SERVICE RIFLE - There are many variations here from using vintage military rifles to the more modern AR platform rifles.

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