International Practical Shooting Confederation is a competitive shooting sport based on practical shooting.

IPSC was founded in 1976; Col. Jeff Cooper was the first president. IPSC is an international organization, but countries that participate have their own organizations under the IPSC umbrella. In the US, it is the United States Practical Shooting Association, also know as USPSA.

Accuracy, power, and speed are all taken into consideration to achieve a maximum score. Ammunition is loaded to specific power factors.  By multiplying the weight of the bullet in grains (7000 grains to the pound) times the velocity in feet per second the result is used to classify the round as Minor or Major.  To shoot Minor, the value must exceed 125,000.  To shoot Major, the value must exceed 160,000 or 170,000 depending on the division competed in.

There are different divisions of competition:

OPEN - The hotrods of the pistol world, compensators, red dot sights, and super high capacity magazines holding up to 29 rounds.  The guns are usually chambered in .38 Super or 9 mm.

STANDARD - Pistols of .40 caliber or larger for Major and 9 mm or larger for Minor; the shooter's choice.  No compensators or red dot sight are allowed.  The pistol must fit inside the "IPSC box".

CLASSIC - Pistols that follow the classic 1911 design.  No extended dust covers or rails are allowed. Both Major and Minor power factors are allowed; Major is .40 caliber or larger with the exception of the .357 SIG (.40 cal case necked down to 9 mm and Minor is 9 mm with a magazine capacity limit of 10 rounds.

PRODUCTION - Double action or striker fire pistols.  Scored as Minor.  Dimensions are restricted to manufacturer's specifications.  Very few modifications are allowed - grip tape, replacing sights that do not require gunsmithing, and replacement of internal parts with parts that are factory options.  Minor trigger workings allowed.

REVOLVER - No muzzle brakes or optical sights. Any capacity revolver is allowable, but the shooter must fire 6 shots before requiring a reload. Caliber of .38 Special or larger and can be Major or Minor.

For more information, go to the USPSA web site http://www.uspsa.org/

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