This 2-hour program is our first step to learning how to draw from a holster- safely and quickly.

Regardless of the holster type that you have chosen WE will teach you how to effectively draw your firearm and fire it safely. By concentrating on the Techniques taught in this program you can get shots on target faster and effectively. WE prefer Hip holsters. However, if you use another type like shoulder holsters or ankle holsters we can help.

This course is the prerequisite for:

  • Holster Practice
  • Make the Gun Run 1 & 2
  • Bad Guy Blow Out
  • Zero Distance Pistol
  • Scoot and Shoot
  • Low Light No Light
  • Next Step Concealed Carry
  • Chaotic Pistol (Other course requirements)

Required - 100 rounds of ammunition, holster, extra magazines, and eye and ear protection. If you are using other than a hip holster you need to contact the instructor prior to taking the class in-case special provisions are needed. Paul Warren, 630-276-8108.

Practical Holster - $75.00

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