This information is from an article from the Daily Herald by Marni Pyke.

When transporting a firearm or other item considered “weapons” on an airplane you must do the following:

  •          Do not put it in carry-on baggage.
  •          Put it in checked baggage.
  •          It must be unloaded, in a locked, hard-sided container.
  •          You must declare it to the ticket agents when checking in at the airport.
  •          You should expect to fill out paperwork.

Passengers caught with firearms in carry-on baggage at O’Hare and Midway will be turned over to the Chicago Police.  The penalties range from fines of $1500.00 to $7000.00.  In 2014, six firearms were found at Midway and 20 at O'Hare.

The size of firearms allowed depends on the individual airline’s policies.  The TSA has a large list of items that must be checked.  Here are some of the items that are also banned from carry-on baggage:

  •          Fake guns
  •          Ammunition
  •          Magazines and clips
  •          Frames
  •          Receivers
  •          Axes
  •          Knives, unless they are plastic or round-bladed butter knives
  •          Utility knives and box cutters
  •          Sabers, swords, and fencing foils
  •          Meat cleavers
  •          Cattle prods
  •          Crowbars
  •          BB and pellet guns
  •          Flares – banned from carry-on and checked baggage
  •          Bows and arrows
  •          Cricket bats
  •          Pool cues
  •          Hockey sticks

Skates are permitted in carry-on baggage.

Visit the TSA website at and the airline’s website for more information.  Also, review the state and local laws of your destination.

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