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I would just like to tell you about the fantastic experience I had at your store.  I recently purchased a new Glock 19 Gen 4 from you and due to it being flawless, I decided to buy a Glock 42 from you two months later.  From the beginning I had major issues with this gun(jamming, stovepipes and type 3 malfunctions.  I sent it to Glock and after it came back still malfunctioning I asked Neal if he would take it on trade.  He urged me to not trade it in and let him shoot it to check for problems.  I left the store amazingly angry and cursing your staff.  Neil e-mailed me about 30 minutes later to tell me that he put 50 flawless rounds through the gun and that I should come in the next day to see if it was my grip.  I laughed it off (becuase how could my grip be wrong) and decided to come in to humor him.  When I came in, he took the time to check my grip and modify it accordingly.  After his instruction I put 100 rounds through the gun flawlessly(I never got through a magazine without a before).  I just wanted someone to know that I appreciate how your management did a great job de-escalating an irritated customer and making sure he left fully satisfied. .

Thank you, Adam


I was fortunate enough to be able to attend your training yesterday with my grandson who is 14 years old.  Your trainers did an excellent job of teaching a group of children with ages from 6 to 14 in a meaningful and safe way.  Ethan came out of the experience all charged up for the sport of shooting and very safety conscious.  Plus he had a lot of fun in the process.

I was impressed to see that your trainers were very sensitive and supportive of the younger children, some of which did not appear to be prepared for nthe physical and emotional stress of firing a weapon.  Certainly, all of the children benefited from the safety training that was presented.  As a parent and grandparent, I wonder about the judgement and expections of some of the parents who, in my opinion, exposed there children to shooting prematurely.

Overall, I will recommend your course and instructors to others who are looking for an introduction to sport shooting.



Finally caught-up on my "day job" so I want to convey a belated yet genuine and sincere thank you for our experience during my first training class at your range this past 10/11/2015. The facility was impeccable as it's been for all of my classes with Lynn Garnand so that met my expectation.

What really impressed me, and even my students to the point of eliciting compliments from many of them, was the courtesy and professionalism of the gentleman at the range desk who handled us when we arrived.

I've never seen comparable professionalism in the firearms market (at least locally) so interacting with him was a pleasant surprise.  When I purchased ammunition I received an instructor discount for the first time.

GAT GUNS had the upper hand going into my training class and now it's my go-to facility.

Thank you for creating such a positive environment and running such a professional and courteous operation!

I can't wait to work together again.



Chief Instructor


My name is Rich and I just thought I would tell you what a great class it was. This was the second time in two years I had taken these two classes. For me taking the class again is a great refresher. Both Jerry and Coltan were great. Looking forward to taking more of your classes.
take care and Merry Christmas



Just took an AR 15 class tonight with Jerry and Colton.  The 2 phases were excellent. Both Jerry and Colton made the class feel comfortable to ask as many questions as we liked.  Enjoyed the phase on breaking the gun down and understanding it mechanisms.  Both are patient instructors and were constantly stressing safety on the range and gun handling.


Thank you Jerry for your excellent teaching techniques. We are more confident with the safety and shooting of handguns after your hands on class. You work with each individual to develop their ability and accuracy! This Is a great class for anyone desiring to be more proficient in handgun skills. Thank you again sir......Lori


My husband and I, and a friend of ours, took a hand gun class with Jerry a couple of weeks ago.  We thoroughly enjoyed it.  Jerry is a very knowledgeable and personable instructor and worked very well with all three of us.  My husband is familiar with guns, but our friend and I had not really handled them before and wanted to learn as much as possible in our class and Jerry accomplished that.  Having range time to solidify what we learned in class was important, and Jerry was great to work with on the range, too! We all gained a much better understanding and confidence through Jerry's teaching.  We will certainly be referring others to Jerry and will see him again as well. 


I would like to let you know how much my husband and I enjoyed the gun safety class that we took last night.  Jerry and Colton did an excellent job on the training and answering all questions from the group. I have never shot any sort of gun and was impressed with the amount of time they took with everyone, when on the range.  We would recommend the class to anyone.

Thank you 

Michael & Jean


I wanted to let you know that my son and I really enjoyed the youth gun safety class last night.  I was impressed with the instructor’s (Wayne) approach to teaching young beginners about guns and their safe use.  He made the students feel comfortable while making the adults feel that everything was being done in safest, most responsible way.

My son and I are both new to guns so we learned a lot and it was a great way for us to bond.

I’ll definitely be recommending this course at Gat Guns to others.




Wayne, Thank you for the wonderful firearm youth safety course you gave us this month. Ian had a great time and he learned a lot from you. You brought exactly the right balance of seriousness and fun. The course really focused on the key elements necessary for youth safety. You also explained the firearm very well..simply and effectively. In addition your approach to the range and safety was very well thought out.

I have already recommended this course to several of my friends for their children. Hopefully my younger daughter will come soon to take this course when she is ready. We will be sure to call on you for additional lessons.

Again, many thanks and I appreciate your commitment to youth safety and training for firearms. Indeed this was a very well run class and Ian had a positive and wonderful experience.

I am sorry about the math error on the last stage too but my son still loves his hat. He understands that he was not the top of the class but I did tell him he did a good job being safe and listening all the same.



Wayne was excellent. He was extremely thorough  and expected the kids to think and act responsibly. He showed the seriousness of this and a healthy respect of guns . Thank you.



Last night my husband and I took our first gun safety lesson with Jerry.  I wanted to send you a note to thank you and Gat Guns for offering a service and opportunity like that.

Before coming in to Gat I had hardly even touched a gun and was very intimidated by them.  We own a few and I wanted to feel comfortable around them and not fear them, but learn to handle and respect them, as did my husband.

Jerry was an outstanding instructor.  We spent the first hour and a half in a classroom just getting comfortable with the gun.  Learning the proper way to hold it, store it, ensure it's safe.  It was the perfect way to become familiar with it in a calm, controlled and confident manner.

Once we hit the range I won't lie - I was very nervous!  But by the end of our lesson I was loading and unloading the magazine, cocking the gun, shooting fast, shooting slow and shooting well and with a calm confidence that I most certainly did not have walking in to your building.

I am very grateful that my husband and I took this step and I look forward to our next lesson with Jerry.  He instilled such confidence in both of us and taught us to be still and calm and respect the powerful weapon that we handle, not fear it.  He is a gem of man not only full of wisdom to pass on but also a great sense of humor that helped us feel comfortable and safe in his hands right away.

We look forward to practicing the tools we learned from Jerry to continue being more comfortable and confident with our right to bear arms and protect ourselves.

Kindest regards,

Frank and Andi

Just wanted to drop you a note to express our appreciation for your 9/6/16 Pistol Safety Class. My wife was totally unfamiliar with a pistol and had never held - much less fired a pistol before.

Our class instructor (Wayne) provided her with a knowledge of pistol parts and safe handling practices, and hands-on range guidance that helped her gain a great deal of self-confidence. She actually put several rounds into the target 'bullseye' while in the range!

We both are looking forward to our next co-op pistol class on 9/ 28/16, and I mention that as a result of Wayne's efforts, my wife and I have each decided to buy our new pistols at Gat Guns next week...

Thanks so much,

Jay & Sue

I took the handgun safety class on Sept. 6th. Thanks for offering this service, it was exactly what I needed to know in order to become familiar with handguns and safety as a first time user.

Additionally, Wayne was a fantastic teacher!  I found him to be very knowledgeable, professional and trustworthy.

Thanks again!


My son and I thoroughly enjoyed the Youth Safety Course we attended this evening. Thanks. Jared

I just wanted to say your instructors did a phenomenal job at the youth safety course. I took my son and daughter both and they had an excellent time and
a great learning experience with gun safety. Great job! Thanks!


My son LUKE and I had a fantastic experience this evening at the youth handgun safety class. I'll be bringing my other son on the 26th. I've taken classes
at Gat before and everything is top notch. Thanks. The instructors are second to none. I'll be back soon. Sincerely,


Attended the youth handgun safety class with my two boys. We had a great time and learned a lot. Wayne was an excellent instructor he was very good at ensuring that everyone understands the seriousness of gun safety. 
Thank you again for a great experience.



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