FFL Transfers

FFL transfers are required when shipping firearms.  FFL's must keep records of all shipped and received firearms just as we do for sales in the store.  The BATF requires that all firearms transactions both incoming and outgoing are recorded in the "Bound Book".  This "Book" has the make, model, serial number and description of each firearm as well as where we got it from and who we sold or shipped it to.

We will accept in-coming transfers only for used guns.  We will not accept transfers for new guns unless it is something that we cannot order, but this is rare.

  • We will do out-going and in-coming FFL transfers with pre-approval. Call 847-428-4867 for details.
  • We ship firearms only to FFL's. We need a copy of the destination FFL for our files. It is possible that we may already have it on file.
  • We include a copy of our FFL with the shipment.
  • We will ship to C&R License holders as long as the firearm is qualified as a Curio or Relic by the BATF.
  • Under no circumstances will we ship a firearm directly to an individual.
  • Black powder guns are not considered firearms by the BATF and can be shipped to an individual.
  • Shipping is by FedEx second day air for handguns; FedEx ground for long guns.
  • The fee for incoming FFL Transfers is $50.00 plus $5.00 for the ISP background check.


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