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Marlin 39A, .22 S, L, LR - manufactured in 1957.  JM proofmark, no crossbolt safety or re-bounding hammer.  The front sight as been changed to fiber optic and the hood is missing.  Also, the Marlin "button" is missing from the buttstock.

The Marlin 39A is considered to be the best .22 lever action rifle made.  It is known for its accuracy using a variety of ammunition.  The 39A is a take-down rifle.  The only tool needed is a coin to loosen the screw.

The 39A was originally made as the 1891.  Annie Oakley used one of them for her exibition shooting.  The rifle has been in production since 1891 except for WWII and during the transition from Marlin's factory to Remington's factory (Remington bought Marlin in 2009).  These guns are hard to get new, and are getting hard to find used. Some versions now sell for over $1000.00.

Firearm Specs
Model 39A
Caliber/Ga .22 S, L, LR
Barrel length 24 Inch
Action Lever
Finish Blue
Sights Adjustable
Stock/Grips Walnut
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