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Log # Manufacturer Model Barrel Length Caliber/Gauge Action
201442 BERETTA 92A1 4.75″ 9MM Pistol
201444 BERETTA PX4 STORM 2.75″ 9MM Pistol
201387 BROWNING BABY BROWNING 2.0″ .25ACP Pistol
201441 GLOCK 19X 3.8″ 9MM Pistol
201450 KEL TEC P-11 3.0″ 9MM Pistol
201397 SIG SAUER P220 ELITE 5.0″ 10MM Pistol
201392 SMITH & WESON 3913 3.5″ 9MM Pistol
201393 SMITH & WESSON M&P M2.0 CPT 4.0″ 9MM Pistol
201449 TAURUS PT22 2.75″ .22LR Pistol
201445 WALTHER PPQ 4.0″ .40 S&W Pistol
201388 SMITH & WESSON 19 4.0″ .357 MAG Revolver
201448 SMITH & WESSON 66 7.1″ .357 MAG Revolver
201443 SMITH & WESSON 686-6 4.75″ .357 MAG Revolver
201415 ATI ATI-15 16.0″ 5.56MM Rifle
201414 COLT M4 CARBINE 20.0″ 5.56MM Rifle
201447 CZECH K98K 24.0″ 8MM Rifle
201413 MARLIN 1895 GUIDE 18.5″ .45-70 GOV’T Rifle
201451 SAVAGE GE AXIS 23.0″ .223 REM Rifle
201446 BAIKAI MP220F 20.0″ 12 GA Shotgun
201374 ITHACA 37 30.0″ 12 GA Shotgun
201386 SAVAGE 24S-E 24.0″ .22LR/.410
201452 WINCHESTER SXP 18.0″ 12 GA Shotgun

Check Out Our Latest Used Guns

For pricing and availability, please call our store (847) 428-4867 and ask about Used Guns.

Log # Manufacturer Model Barrel Length Caliber/Gauge Action
200922 BERETTA APX 4.25″ 9 MM Pistol
201075 BERSA THUNDER 380 3.5″ .380 ACP Pistol
200889 COLT 1903 3.75″ .32 ACP Pistol
201207 COLT GOLD CUP TROPHY 5″ .45 ACP Pistol
200965 CZ USA 75 SP-01 4.5″ 9 MM Pistol
200968 GLOCK 21 3″ .45 ACP Pistol
200843 GLOCK 24 GEN 2 6″ .40 S&W Pistol
201046 H&K 45C 4″ .45 ACP Pistol
201224 KAHR CW380 2.5″ .380 ACP Pistol
200998 KIMBER SOLO 2.5″ 9 MM Pistol
200962 MAUSER WTP 2″ .25 ACP Pistol
200961 RUGER EC9S 3″ 9 MM Pistol
201225 RUGER LC9S 3″ 9 MM Pistol
201055 RUGER P90 4.5″ .45 ACP Pistol
201076 RUGER SR22 3.5″ .22 LR Pistol
201162 SIG SAUER P226 4.4″ 9 MM Pistol
201043 SIG SAUER P226 4.4″ 9 MM Pistol
200846 SMITH & WESSON 22A-1 5.5″ .22 LR Pistol
201116 SPRINGFIELD XD-40 3.75″ .40 S&W Pistol
201163 SPRINGFIELD XDS 4″ 9 MM Pistol
201045 STOEGER COUGAR 8000 F 3.5″ 9 MM Pistol
200844 TAURUS INTERNATIONAL PT 945 4.25″ .45 ACP Pistol
200952 WALTHER PPK/S 3.3″ .22 LR Pistol
201042 PW ARMS 1895 4.5″ 7.62X38R Revolver
201000 RUGER BLACK HAWK 6.5″ .357 MAG Revolver
201052 RUGER SINGLE SIX 5″ .22 LR / .22 WMRF Revolver
201126 SMITH & WESSON 686 4″ .357 MAG Revolver
200925 TAURUS 605 2″ .357 MAG Revolver
200890 ARMALITE AR-10T 20″ 7.62 MM Rifle
200893 BUSHMASTER XM15-E2S 16″ 5.56MM Rifle
200933 EGYPTIAN HAKIM M-42 22″ 8 MM Rifle
201214 KEL TEC RFB 18″ .308 WIN Rifle
201047 MAUSER M48 24″ 8 MM Rifle
201181 SPRINGFIELD 1884 32.5″ .45-70 GOVT Rifle
201197 SPRINGFIELD 1903 24″ .30-06 SPRG Rifle
201182 SPRINGFIELD 1903 24″ .30-06 SPRG Rifle
201202 WINCHESTER 94 20″ .30-30 WIN Rifle
201198 ITHACA 500 26″ 20 GA Shotgun
200892 WINCHESTER 1300 29″ 12 GA Shotgun
201203 WINCHESTER 1911SL 28″ 12 GA Shotgun

No Repairs for Hi-Point Pistols

GAT GUNS will not accept repairs for Hi-Point pistols. Illinois “melt point” laws prohibit delivery of some handguns to individuals. As a result, Hi-Point Firearms and MKS Supply will no longer be accepting warranty repair Hi-Point Firearms handguns from individuals or FFLs residing in Illinois due to the fact that we would not be able to return such to the customers, irrespectively of whether they originally purchased out-of-state, etc.

These pistols have major components made of “pot metal”, also known as Zamak, or white metal which is a zinc alloy that has a low melting point. These guns are not available for sale in Illinois and cannot be transferred to residents of Illinois through a FFL transfer or a returning repair.

This does not apply to Hi-Point carbines.

Shooting a Revolver

Learning to hold a revolver correctly can prevent a serious injury.

I see a lot of people who are not familiar with revolvers holding them incorrectly when handling them at the sales counter.  When holding a revolver, you must keep all parts of your body behind the front of the cylinder.  This photo, taken with a high speed camera, shows firing a Smith & Wesson 686 6″barrel .357 Magnum.  Note the flames on either side of the cylinder are over about 10 inches long.

Massad Ayoob’s Five Key Things to do Following a Shooting

Massad Ayoob is one of the leading experts in the US on defensive shooting.  He has written countless articles and books on the subject and has trained both civilians and law enforcement on the subject.  Here are his five key things you should do if you are involved in a defensive shooting.

1. Establish the reason you shot the perpetrator (active dynamics of the shooting).
2. Inform the police that you will file a complaint against the perpetrator (this serves to reinforce the active dynamics stated in #1.).
3. Point out evidence to the police, but don’t touch the evidence.
4. Point out any witnesses and those that might have seen the incident (if they have left the scene then provide descriptions to the police so they can seek them).
5. Inform the police you have been through a very traumatic event and that you intend to fully cooperate with the investigation once you have spoken with your attorney.  At this point, stop talking until you are represented by an attorney!

Concealed Carry

What is the best gun for concealed carry?

I get this question a lot! The answer is different for everyone.  How are you going to carry it, belt holster, inside the waistband, pocket holster, or off body carry (fanny pack, shoulder bag, etc.)?

Belt holster and off body carry are going to be the most comfortable. You will also be able to more readily carry a larger firearm , more ammo and accessories. The downside is that this type of carry system will be the hardest to hide or the hardest to access (off body carry).

Inside the waistband (IWB) will be the easiest to conceal because the holster and part of the gun will be hidden inside your pants. Depending on your body type and height IWB usually means you carry a smaller firearm as well. IWBs may also lead to wardrobe changes, slightly larger pants, untucked shirts…..that kind of thing. Remember concealed carry guns are comforting not comfortable!

The good news is now that it will be legal the world is your oyster! You ultimately will need more than one gun and carry system. Nothing is perfect and your carry will be constantly changing and evolving. GAT Guns will be here to ease the evolution with the newest products and the most concealed carry knowledge in the Midwest!

Carry on!

– Andy Sweeney

Andy has been on staff at GAT for over 3 years and is an accomplished practical pistol competitor. Also, while living in Virginia, concealed and carried daily for over 10 years.


Many people ask “How much training do I really need?”.

There is not a correct answer to that question; the question should be “How much training do I need to accomplish my goals?”  In the shooting sports, competitors train daily.  If you are just going to be a casual shooter, you can take a few hours of training every year to make sure you do not develop bad habits.  If you’re planning on carrying concealed, you will have to take the training required to obtain your permit – but you should not stop there.  I have spoken to many folks who have no experience with firearms who say that they just want to take the Concealed Carry Class but do not want to pursue other training.

This is not the best attitude to have when planning on defending yourself or others.  Protecting yourself with a firearm requires that you can hit the target quickly and accurately.  To do this takes training and practice.  It also takes a certain mindset – realizing that you might have to take the life of another person.  I remember from my Army basic training that there were some trainees who could not get past the idea that they might have to take a life.  They would become clerks, cooks, or other non-combat personnel.

Defending yourself in your home and outside your home require different skills.  GAT TRAINING has classes that cover both situations.  However, these classes are not enough as they only cover a limited amount of material.  GAT TRAINING has classes that go beyond the minimum; classes that will hone your skills so that you can effectively defend yourself if that moment arrives.  Visit the training section of our web site to see the classes we offer.

– Jim Slater

Jim has worked at GAT GUNS since 1999.

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