This Program is made up of previous classes which have been renamed and combined into Defensive Pistol 1 - 4 to give our students the best possible training experience All classes in this Program are to be taken in the order presented here.  The classes are  listed on the Class Registration Calendar under the names listed.

Students who have take the previous versions of these classes qualify to complete the Program with the new names and take Chaotic Pistol after they have completed Defensive Pistol 1 through 4.

This Advanced Program is taught by Law Enforcement Officers/Instructors with many years of experience. In this Program you will learn the skills needed to defend yourself and your family in many different situations with confidence.

Some of these classes will count towards Illinois Concealed Carry 2.

 Practical Holster

While not a part of this Program, this class is a prerequisite for the Advanced Pistol Training Program classes.

This 2-hour class is our first step to learning how to draw from a holster- safely and quickly.

Regardless of the holster type that you have chosen WE will teach you how to effectively draw your firearm and fire it safely. By concentrating on the Techniques taught in this program you can get shots on target faster and effectively. WE prefer Hip holsters. However, if you use another type like shoulder holsters or ankle holsters we can help.

Required - 100 rounds of ammunition, holster, extra magazines, and eye and ear protection. If you are using other than a hip holster you need to contact the lead instructor prior to taking the class in-case special provisions are needed. Paul Warren, 630-276-8108.

Practical Holster - $75.00

 Defensive Pistol 1

This class was previously called Make Your Gun Run.

The focus of this four hour course is to get you more fluid and consistent with holster draw and magazine changes; both speed reloads and tactical reloads.  We also cover magazine malfunction drills and barricade shooting. In addition, we will also cover:

  • magazine retention
  • positioning of magazines on your body
  • pistol malfunction drills
  • practice clearing malfunctions such as failure to fire, double feeds, and stove pipes

You will be proficient at clearing.

You will need your firearm, an exta magazine, 100 rounds of ammo, a practical holster, and 4 to 6 snap caps or dummy rounds.

Class fee is $150.00

 Defensive Pistol 2

This class is combined from Bad Guy Blow Out and Zero Distance Pistol.

This class will focus on transitioning from one target to the second target with quick subtle movements for faster shot placement with and without cover.  We will also revisit barricade shooting with the addition of multiple targets.

Most shooting encounters happen within five feet. The techniques learned and practiced in this class will give you the skill to engage a target at extreme close range accurately and safely, without seeing the sights on your pistol. These techniques are to be utilized within 5 feet.

You will need to bring 100 rounds of ammo, an extra magazine and holster.

Class fee is $150.00.

Defensive Pistol 3

This was Scoot and Shoot

This is a 4 hour class because it takes longer to learn and master the techniques taught here.

We will teach you how to shoot while moving forward as well as backwards and laterally while engaging targets.

You will need 100 rounds of ammo, extra magazines and a holster.

Class fee is $150.00.

 Defensive Pistol 4

This class was called Low Light - No light.  It as been expaned to 4 hours to add reviews of and combining all of the techniques learned in Defensive Pistol 1 to 3.

You will learn several techniques to shoot your firearm while using a flashlight.  We will cover and practice four different light techniques to engage your target as well as lighting techniques to move from one point to another.  You will also learn to recognize armed and unarmed people.  Let us help you find the technique that works best for you. 

You will need 100 rounds of ammo, an extra magazine and holder, and a flashlight - either hand held or weapon mounted.

Class Fee is $150.00

 Chaotic Pistol

This 2 hour class is a top level program.

Each month the scenario changes and you will use the techniques learned in other classes in the program.

One month it may be shooting at moving targets or shooting from a seated position; next month it may be shootiing behind a barriacde in the dark.

You will need 150 rounds of ammo, extra magazines, flashlight, holster, and eye and ear protection.

Class fee - $75.00


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