You have an interest in shooting, hunting, or collecting firearms, so have you ever thought about working in a retail gun store?

GAT GUNS is one of the largest family owned gun stores and indoor ranges in the country.  We are always looking for people who share our enthusiasm for this exciting hobby.  We hire for full and part time positions.  Our store is open every day (except Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas).  We have a large selection of guns, ammo, shooting supplies, accessories, and firearms training.  Our ranges cover handguns and rifles.  We have 63 lanes total in our facility.  In addition, we do training in our large classroom and training range.  Read more to see the career opportunities that we have available.

All employees, regardless of job position, must have a basic knowledge of firearms of all types, display proper gun etiquette at all times and have a valid FOID card.  Your fingerprints and ID photo will be taken and become a part of your employee file.  All positions are paid hourly.

Applications for employment are available in the store.  Come in and fill one out and make an appointment for an interview. 

Positions available, first floor:

Range Counter - Range Rental Associate/Range Safety Officer:

This position is an important and dynamic role in a shooting range.  This individual must be knowledgeable about firearms and firearm safety, be willing to firmly enforce the rules of the range, while maintaining a professional, positive demeanor with the customer at all times. Good computer skills are necessary to use our POS system effectively. You will be providing customer service while signing people up for the range, helping customers choose rental guns, making sure they have the correct ammunition and any other necessary supplies to make their range experience more enjoyable.  You are also a range safety officer and will periodically check the range as well as assisting new/inexperienced shooters. 

FOID Counter - The counter at the front of the store.  You will assist people to apply for the Illinois FOID card, sell ammunition and magazines, and ring up any other items on the cash register.

Gunsmith - Doing minor gun repairs and cleaning guns.

Receiving - Checking in incoming merchandise and putting it in the appropriate storage locations.

 Positions available, second floor:

Write-up counter - Ringing up sales on the cash register, releasing guns from layaway, doing gun approvals on the State Police website, and maintaining the files for gun approvals received from the State Police.  Also, doing on-line Illinois Concealed Carry License applications.  Register people for and selling training classes.

Fingerprint Technician - GAT GUNS is a Live scan finger print vendor.  We will train you to become certified for Live scan fingerprinting.  This will be in addition to your other duties.

Gun Sales - Working behind the gun counters selling guns, optics, accessories, and training classes to customers.  You will assist the customer in filling out the paperwork for gun sales.

Good computer skills are necessary for these positions.

All positions require employees to be clean and neat in appearance.  Work uniform shirts are required and are purchased for a nominal charge from the store. The cost will be deducted from your paycheck.  It is your responsibility to keep them clean.  You will be given an Employee Handbook either in print or a PDF file with the company rules and regulations.

All employees are responsible for keeping the store clean and making sure all racks and shelves are stocked.

GAT GUNS has training classes for:

  • Illinois, Utah, Florida, & Arizona Concealed Carry
  • New shooters
  • Experienced shooters who want to improve their skills 

Class registration is done on-line on our website.  All employees are responsibe for selling training. 

You are required to attend the monthly staff meetings.  The meetings are held alternately on Saturday and Sunday evenings at 6:30 after the store is closed. Food will be available at these meetings.  There will be a short session on store policy and then product training given by reps from various manufacturers.  If time permits, we also have an employee range session on the training range.  Occasionally the sales reps bring in guns for us to try out.

 Employee Benefits:

GAT GUNS offers 401K, profit sharing, and other retirement benefits that are available after one year of service provided you work for 1000 or more hours in a year.

Employees are eligible for discounts on merchandise. 

You can shoot in the range for free on weekdays on your own time. You are encouraged to try out the rental guns so you can better explain their benefits to customers. (You must pay for your own ammo.)

GAT GUNS is an enjoyable place to work.  Many of our employees are part-time and also have a full-time job.  They work here to earn extra money to support their hobby and to associate with people that have similiar interests. 


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